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About Us

About NYU INC.

We've been hearing this rumor that activism – around campus and around the world – is dead. If "activism" means ideological inflexibility, irrationality, and narrow cliquishness on the basis of particular dress codes and social practices, then perhaps the rumor is true. We'd like to propose a more meaningful and inclusive definition, however. For us, activism is caring enough about any issue (that extends beyond personal self-interest) to visualize, theorize, and realize positive alternatives to the unsatisfactory conditions you perceive.

We hope this publication will be a space for all of those activities and that people will use these pages to identify problems that need correcting, and furthermore explore the possible solutions and means actualizing those solutions. To that end, we bring you the first edition of NYU Inc.

In December of 1971, a coalition of NYU students, faculty, and staff published a 121-page analysis of NYU revealing – among other things – the University’s corporate structure and operation, the status of NYU students’ rights within the corporation, and the activism of students against certain objectionable NYU practices. It was called NYU INC, and although it focused on NYU, the scope of its activism extended far beyond one institution. And although, since our contributors are NYU students, this paper may focus on NYU, the scope of its activism extends as far as human vision can go.

Visualize. Theorize. Organize. Realize. Submit your activist writings of whatever kind to
And enjoy.


Christine Armario, Devin Carberry, Tom Dritto, Corey Eastwood, Kiwi Grady, Dana Grayson, Katie Griffiths, J. Gundacker, Sabrina Lee, Tim Mumford, Sara Sanchez, Jennifer Stark-Hernandez, Heather Stratton, Grover Wehman


J. Gundacker, Ryan Nuckel, Sara Sanchez, Heather Stratton, Jennifer Stark-Hernandez, sean tarjoto, Lori Triburgo